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Theseasonal foods/tastes that will satisfy your body and soul.

The joy of a journey is when you are able to enjoy a delicious meal.
The two dining spaces in Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa are both situated so that our guests may enjoy the breathtaking views of Amakusa through the large glass panels. Please entrust your body and soul to a relaxing experience that is unique to our resort.
Each restaurant utilizes ingredients native to the Kumamoto-prefecture, which our talented chefs then confidently transform into delicious dishes for our guests. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.




Our hotel is proud of our finest course meal “Honzen.”

If you went through the trouble of visiting Amakusa, we would love for you to give it a try.
It is a special venue where various high quality ingredients such as the spiny lobster, and abalone are used.
Please enjoy the delicious Amakusa seafood that is grown by the sun’s blessings, while you sit surrounded by the sea.
We not only focus on the quality of the seafood we are blessed with, but also the meat, specifically the Akaushi beef.
We like to be minimalistic when it comes to the local ingredients, as we would love for you to enjoy its natural flavors.

[Introducing the Ingredients]

Spiny lobsters, abalones, blackthroat seaperch (Nodoguro), prawns, local fish, red snapper, and red cattle/beef (Akaushi)
As well as a variety of seasonal vegetables. Please enjoy.


Amakusa’s high quality seafood, “Akebono”

It is a course that includes all the delicious and popular ingredients in Amakusa, where everything is so fresh.
Please enjoy the unpretentious cuisine of Amakusa, which uses fresh seasonal ingredients.

[Introducing the Ingredients]

Abalone, prawns, red snapper, greater amberjack, conger pike (eel), slender sprats, octopus, Bainiku (plum meat) Pork, etc.


The Hotel’s original standard course-meal, “Nagomi”

Our chefs prepare a very generous and soulful course meal that is outlined by Amakusa’s seasonal local fish. The fish found in the Amakusa region are known to have a different bite to them than typical fish due to the early tide.
Please enjoy Amakusa’s blessing that have been molded by the wild and rough sea.

[Introducing the Ingredients]

Abalone, red snapper, octopus, amberjack, slender sprat, conger eel, clam, etc.