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2023▷2024 Year-end party/New Year party plan

Nov 01, 2023

At the end of a year and the beginning of a new year

Enjoy your time with the hotel's signature cuisine and hospitable service.

We offer a variety of plans that highlight Japanese, Western, and Chinese tastes.

[Tsubaki] 7,000 yen
Assortment of Western-style appetizers/Sashimi assortment (sea bream, prawns, octopus, squid somen)/Soft shrimp fried with beer sauce, sea bream/white fish with Chinese bean paste/Angus beef sirloin steak with garlic sauce/Japanese beef glaze/blue Clear seaweed soup/Framboise Opera Strawberry macarons Seasonal fruits

[Sazanka] 6,000 yen
Assortment of Western-style appetizers/Assorted sashimi (sea bream, prawns, rockfish, mahachi, octopus)/Maker Dote-grilled style/Shrimp and egg simmered in chili sauce/Red beef stew in red wine with warm vegetables/Strawberry roll cake Seasonal fruits

[Danran] 5,000 yen  *Choose one of Japanese, Western, or Chinese hot pots
Sankiban / Sashimi (sea bream, Hahachi, octopus, Kibinago) / 2 types of Gomoku Inari thin rolls / Poiled Amakusa red sea bream Nanohana butter sauce / Strawberry roll cake Seasonal fruits
①Japanese-style hotpot Harihari hotpot style (seseri, mizuna, tofu tofu, fried nankan, champon noodles, etc.)
②Western-style hot pot bouillabaisse (silver cod, shrimp, scallops, mochi kinchaku, potatoes, etc.)
③Wok soup dumpling hotpot (boiled dumplings, Chinese cabbage, enoki mushrooms, vermicelli, white onion, etc.)

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