Privacy Policy

As a member of an enterprise group which aims to become a top trusted brand, we consider the protection of personal property to be an important social responsibility. We will take all appropriate measures when handling personal information in connection with the Company’s business activities, with a relation of mutual trust with users foremost in mind. To ensure that these measures are reliably enforced, we set forth the following privacy policy. The Company’s executives and staff shall endeavor to ensure the proper handling and management personal information in accordance with this policy both internally and externally.

1. Provisions on Personal Information Collection, Use, and Provision
  • 1) When collecting personal information from users, the purposes of use will be clearly stated, and the information will be used within the scope of the purposes of use listed below. In the event of use beyond the extent of the purposes of use, or when providing collected personal information to a party outside the Company, the consent of the user shall be obtained before doing so, except when legally exempt. Recording of personal information required by law. Use for sales communications, such as sending information on Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa coupons, products, plans, and events, etc. Use as anonymized statistical data for the purpose of usage trend surveys, new product development, and customer satisfaction surveys. Use for contacting users via letter, telephone, or email regarding feedback provided in questionnaires, etc. Any other use in connection with provision of the Company’s services.
  • 2) When engaging in shared use of the user’s personal information, we will first disclose in advance the data to be used, the extent of those using it, the purposes of use, and the names of the companies responsible for managing it.
  • 3) In the event a request for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of collected personal information is received from the user, the identity of the individual will be verified before complying.
2. Provisions on Personal Information Security
  • 1) A personal information management supervisor will be appointed, and the staff handling such information will be limited to the minimum number required. Furthermore, necessary security measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destructions, manipulation, or leaking, etc. of personal information.
  • 2) Regarding personal information handling and IT security measures when outsourcing personal information processing, etc., the Company will select vendors recognized to meet appropriate personal information protection standards. Furthermore, when outsourcing, provisions for the handling of personal information will be established via contract, etc., and all possible measures to ensure security will be taken.
3. Miscellaneous Provisions
  • 1) In addition to establishing internal company regulations for the security and handling of personal information based on laws, government ordinances, guidelines, and other regulations concerning personal information, we will continuously improve our regulations, revising them as necessary.
  • 2) The handling of personal information shall be done in compliance with relevant laws, standards, and internal company regulations.
4. Auditing
Regular audits will be performed to confirm proper enforcement of 1., 2., and 3. above, and revisions and improvements shall be made to rectify problems.
5.Provisions on the Website

The website operated by the Company (hereinafter, “the Website”) shall take the greatest possible care regarding the handling and security of personal information in accordance with this policy to enable users to access the services comfortably and securely. However, the Company shall not assume any liability for the security of users’ personal information on other websites linked to from the Website. We recommend that users verify the security of their personal information by examining the handling standards for personal information security of websites not operated by the Company, or in the absence of handling standards, etc., by checking directly with the department or staff responsible, etc.

  • 1) About Cookies

    The Website uses cookies for some services in order to provide users with better service. Cookies are a type of data sent from a webpage server to the user’s computer. The cookies utilized by the Website are used for the purposes of properly providing information and ensuring the security of users, and they do not contain any data connected with personal information which could be used to identify users. While it is possible to configure your browser to reject cookies, please enable cookies so that you will be able to use all of the services on websites operated by the Company satisfactorily.
  • 2) About Customer Access Logs

    The Website records information on those who access it in the form of an access log. While the access log includes information such as the domain name, IP address, and browser type used to access the site, as well as the time and date of access, it does not contain information which can be used to identify an individual. Access logs are utilized in website maintenance and statistical analysis of usage, but are not used for any other purposes.
6. Revision of the Privacy Policy
In the event of major changes to this policy, the changes will be announced on our website. It may be changed without advance notice, so please confirm the latest information on our website as necessary. Please understand that the Company assumes no liability for any trouble, etc., arising from failure to confirm the contents, etc.
7. Contact Information for Inquiries about the Privacy Policy
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