Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa

Wedding Plan

We offer various discounts depending on the time of reservation and the number of people.
By combining discounts, we can create original plans that offer great value.

Volume discount

For those planning a reception for 100 or more people
Discount based on the number of people at the reception

Early bird discount

Discount for those who make a contract at least 6 months in advance

Last minute discount

Discount for those who made a contract 3 months ago

Premium day discount

Discount for families who have their wedding ceremony at Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa

family discount

For wedding ceremonies and receptions held in January, July, and August
Discounts for wedding ceremonies and receptions held in Butsumetsu

Option Fee

Traditional Shinto Wedding(Including Shrine and Offering) 55,000 yen
Chapel Ceremony Fee 80,000 yen
Chaplain Fee 30,800 yen
Church Choir 16,500 yen
Venue Non-religious Wedding 22,000 yen
Japanese-Western Kaiseki Course 11,000 yen~
Meal for the hairdresser 3,630 yen
Special Sashimi Course 11,000 yen~
Sukeroku Sushi 4,400 yen~
Hors d'oeuvre 6,600 yen~
Dessert buffet 1,100 yen(1 Persons)
All-You-Can-Drink 2,750 yen(1 Persons)

*Bottled beer・Sake・Distilled Spirits・Whiskey・All-You-Can-Drink

Handmade raw cake 44,000 yen~
Cake Carry-in Fee 5,500 yen(Cutting Fee Included)
Alegria Hall 66,000 yen
Grand Mar 44,000 yen
Camellia 33,000 yen
Small Reception Room 11,000 yen
Waiting Room(1room) 5,500 yen
Invitations Set of 1(*) 440 yen~
Seating chart 660 yen~
Place cards 165 yen~
Menu cards 330 yen~

*Real・Envelope・ Reply postcard・Sticker・Including sticky notes

For those attending the wedding, we will guide you at a special rate.

Within Amakusa Island 22,000 yen~
Within Kumamoto Prefecture(Outside of Amakusa Island) 44,000 yen~
Table Croth 1,650 yen~(Sheet of 1)
Rental Napkins 330 yen~(Sheet of 1)
Bridal Candles 33,000 yen~
Aqua Illusion 44,000 yen~(Main Table)
Aqua Illusion 1,650 yen(Guest Table)
Soap bubble production 16,500 yen
Low Calorie Fireworks 55,000 yen
Memorial DVD 22,000 yen~
End roll(Photo) 22,000 yen~
End roll(Live) 93,500 yen~
Flower shower 6,600 yen~
Bouquet for Tossing 5,500 yen~
Balloon release 330 yen(one)
Champagne ceremony 55,000 yen(60 Persons)
DVD Filming 88,000 yen
Chairperson 44,000 yen~
Guest book 3,850 yen
Gift bags 330 yen
Costume 33,000 yen
Make Up and Dressing 11,000 yen(Fee for Preparation Room)
Gift bags 330 yen
Chapel flower 39,300 yen~
Main Table Flower Decoration 33,000 yen~
Tabletop Flower Decoration 3,300 yen~
Fresh Flower Bouquet 13,200 yen~
Bouquet for Tossing or Pulls 5,500 yen~
Flower shower 6,600 yen~
Bouquet for Both sets of Parents 6,600 yen~
Bouquet for Children 2,200 yen~

As of 7/1/2021

* Prices subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Plans & Estimates

At Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa, we will suggest an original wedding ceremony that satisfies your desires and fits your budget. Please consult our friendly and conscientious wedding planner about anything.


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